Photo: Juan Pablo Carrillo

It is very comfortable to use neutral colors that match everything, but it is equally boring. If you belong to this guild, don’t be offended, I invite you to dare, because september almost has arrived and it’s the best time to do it. I’m sure that looking in your drawers you’ll find something cheerful that you haven’t tried in years, something that with a little effort could be seen as new again, for example, it comes to mind that you could buy some dye and be creative.

So (without mimicking anyone), here you have 5 points to look happy this season:

1  Colored clothing is cute; but it’s even cuter when it looks like new, when colors are intense.

2  The happier colors we’ll see this season will be fuchsia, green and electric blue.

3  The basic season colors, those that never will be left over are lilac, mint and red.

4  The items that will always look good in bright colors are tights, scarves, sweaters and blouses.

5  The colors you have to choose for your accessories and nail varnish are lilac, jade and/or Mexican pink.

Whoa! …it’s time to have fun.

* If you would like to know some tips on dyeing technique, don’t lose track of next publications.

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