Photo: Juan Pablo Carrillo

It is a vile lie to claim that white and pearly clothes are not suitable for clear-skinned people, however, you need to know the right, the good, the correct shade in relation to your skin tone:

1.Pick a blouse (print free; one snow white, one off-white or cream and one champagne(if you lack one, don’t hesitate to borrow it).
2.Stand in front of the largest mirror you find, or in any case, in front of your mother (mirrors, children, drunks, leggings and moms always tell the truth).
3.Try each one.
4.Look at your face, the right white is the one that makes you look happy and cheerful.
5.Smile. Not creepy, not false. Do it naturally. It could actually happen that you don’t find the connection to knowing what shade of white best suits you, but still you will look better.

•Do this activity with your whole face washed.

It is important for you to take into consideration hair and eye color, but this little exercise will give you a good idea on what’s the correct shade of white for you.

On the other hand, if you have brown sugar or pinkish-beige skin, refrain from carrying out the first 4 steps, really, you will look divine with all whites. All of them.

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